Sadness after Jubilee

Saturday 11th June 2022

Samuel Beckett: ‘Happy Days’. In Act 1 she’s buried up to her waist in sand, in Act 11 up to her neck. Things are getting worse. Winnie her name, I think, although played supremely by Peggy, of course. At one point she bewails ‘Sadness after song’. Sadness after congress, she could understand. But Sadness after Song…

Now there’s Sadness after Jubilee. Also, a little, Sadness during Jubilee.

Royston, being at the core, feared catastrophe. The parks were afeared. The Pageant would be overstuffed. Too much. Something would go wrong. And Majesty Herself. Would she function?

At Sotheby’s on the Tuesday before Royston was ferocious in praise of the Reign, especially when sooty culture types suggested She is unimaginative.  All the premier Royal Correspondents were there, members of the Royal Household, past and present, leading figures of every kind. The event was diverse, which meant Instagram influencers, bevies of glamorous black men, not concealing that most of the serving staff as well as the Sotheby’s attendants, especially in the Tiara Exhibition Room, were of African origin. Lounging in the lobby, preparing to depart, we met a tycoon who was dressed for watching sport on TV on a Saturday afternoon. I’ve forgotten who he was.

Wednesday I dashed to the Cotswolds for Longborough and ‘Siegfried’. The Heseltines were present and couldn’t find their car in the car park. ‘Can’t you find it?’ Lady Anne barked as her Lord wandered. This was the man who brought down Margaret.  Now, unattended, he couldn’t find his car in the car park. Finally he did. It was a Jaguar.

Back on Thursday in time for the Coutts Beacon Party. I was stranded alone in the hideous atrium of Coutts Bank, the Strand because Royston was held up by Canada to whom he was broadcasting. I phoned him and got blown up for not being able to manage alone. Suddenly there was a tipping point. Does this happen at parties? A wary phase, and then, as if released from the starting gates, the guests are off. Brompton Cycles addressed me. A whippy dynamo of a man, like a heron in flight. After that, everybody was self-introducing like mad. Royston arrived. It was decided I should act as equerry. ‘Sir Royston King, OBE, wishes to meet you.’ In this way he secured quotes from London’s Bishop and Baroness Scotland to be broadcast to Canada the next day. ‘Who’s Baroness Scotland?’ Robert Nevil said later. Well, she’s only the Secretary-General to the Commonwealth to which a third of the world’s population belong.

I practiced being Royal. It’s very hard. I was too long with the representative of the Jain community and got a muddled impression of the new Jain Community Centre in Colindale because it seemed it wasn’t just for Jains. I didn’t have the Royal way of ending the encounter. Another man had a brooch and interesting hair. I said, ‘Are you a musician?’, wishing to avoid a direct, ‘What do you do?’ But it was probably the wrong question because he was black and racial stereotyping might have been at play. He seemed indignant and said he was an entrepreneur with four businesses. But then he had trouble remembering what they were. I suppose that’s a certain grandeur of entrepreneur, possibly. I certainly have trouble remembering all my interests and sources of income.

Even though we heard that the Queen was not going to the Service of Thanksgiving the next day, we surged out from Coutts on a wave of elation. Several more Heads of Communication to former Prime Ministers and Tycoons had been met.

Debo's Tiara: Sotheby's Tiara Exhib

Debo’s Tiara: Sotheby’s Tiara Exhib

Debo's other Tiara: Sotheby's Tiara Exhib

Debo’s other Tiara: Sotheby’s Tiara Exhib

Sotheby's Jubilee Party

Sotheby’s Jubilee Party

Sotheby's Jubilee Party

Sotheby’s Jubilee Party

Sotheby's Jubilee Party: Who is She? Why Selected for Graphing?

Sotheby’s Jubilee Party: Who is She? Why Selected for Graphing?

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