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Sunday 22nd August 2021

I forgot to say that Leila, the Fruit and Veg War Lord of Shoreditch (fork out £35 for two peaches and a tomato or be forever banished from her domain), said to Joshua Baring, ‘No, I won’t get you any apricots. I don’t know of a reliable apricot supplier.’ So no apricots for Joshua Baring.  I said, ‘Try Waitrose Essential.’ Apricots have been quite big this summer although vegetables mostly ghastly – old and tough. You could do Lamb Polo, but Val wouldn’t hear of it. Can’t bear meat with fruit, ever.

Laura Malcolm gave a dinner: me, the Cruisings, Moira MacMatron and Beamish O’Halloran. Sydney Cruising more terrifying than ever, while Percival Cruising has been handing out fines to violators of the Coronavirus Act March 2020 by which society was destroyed. But you’d have thought his coal-black, basilisk stare would be enough to quell anybody. The Cruisings always have the effect of a bomb dropped in to any social gathering. Other guests either start vomiting or shouting. All hell breaks loose. Nobody could know how it’s done. Beamish launched an enquiry as to how trans, lesbian or gay we all are. ‘If you were approached…’ he kept saying but never got any further for wails of derision. In fact very few sentences of any kind were completed at the dinner. At some point Percival Cruising had lit the touch paper and retreated. But you could never put your finger on the exact moment.

It’s marvellous how we’ve kept up with the Cruisings throughout although for me they’re what Nigella would call ‘weak ties’ – that’s not absolute bosom friends. ‘Weak ties’, as Nigella explained, are massively important in one’s life, all the same.

I went over to be introduced to Rufus Pitman and Raj Zoraster’s incredibly important new dog, Fräulein Greta Wilgefortis Baloubet. She’s a miniature Schnauzer. We had caffe und kooken which is also German. Rufus has done so much for Germany especially their outdoor attire and headgear at its most angular and elaborate.  Fräulein Greta is superb, very much keeping her own counsel which makes me wonder whether she isn’t part-German royalty, but not Hohenzollern who were so loud and militaristic. Maybe she’s one of the Wurtembergs or a Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

The only drawback is having to do German spelling which is hell.

Raj and Rufus are so thrilled with Fräulein Greta. She has instantly become integral to their suite and goes everywhere with them.

Fräulein Greta Wilgefortis Baloubet: Never was a Puppy Dog more Up to Her Titles with which Born

Fräulein Greta Wilgefortis Baloubet: Never was a Puppy Dog more Up to Her Titles with which Born


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  1. fräulein Baloubet is very gracious, pleased with the simplest thing, has no airs. Delighted and very happy to meet you. Capable of giving rather an old-fashioned look if someone oversteps the mark, however.

  2. I’m sure that standards of behaviour will improve in her presence

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