Saturday 8th May 2021

I feel I’m in a holding pattern above Heathrow. Val was once actually in this situation, as many others have been, but he was set back for days by it, long after finally landing.

It was too much.

One thing I will say for the Astra 2nd Dose, which I found on the whole to knock me out, but it has cured, for the time being, my swelling and bloating. Amazing.

Dr Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Stanford, who is adorable, has gone quite far: In the 1st World War, he says, Chemistry was contaminated by enabling the invention of Mustard Gas. In the Second World War, it was the turn of Physics: the Atom Bomb. Now Public Health, marred, in 2020 and 2021 with the widespread use of ‘lockdowns’ to control the spread of Covid-19. Would you go that far?

We must remain bent into a tight bow of skepticism about everything, as always.

I went to the Saville Gardens at Windsor with Royston King nearly two weeks ago. Then with Robert Nevil and the Nizam to Essex last Saturday: Beth Chatto’s (she has sadly passed, so no more opportunity for Robert Nevil and me to stand outside her house in the garden and megaphone in: ‘Come out, Beth, we know you’re in there,’ as we always used to do without fail on every visit, bringing a megaphone with us, of course. Once we saw her at her kitchen sink). After Beth’s we went on to Layer Marney, which was an incredible Tudor revelation. You won’t believe it.

Come back later for more.


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