This Easter

Sunday 4th April 2021

This Easter is a big improvement on the last, although not everybody has got a mother of 97 to be cared for, I do appreciate.

I fetched the Gay Mother back and forth from Church which was ‘fully booked’. There was also Church on Good Friday. Today they were given creme eggs. The Gay Mother had hers at elevenses along with ice-cream. ‘Such a clever idea,’ she said, ‘to make it look like a real egg inside.’ She ate it with the wooden ice-cream spoon to carry on with the real egg idea. She’d never seen a Creme Egg before.

Later we’re facing lamb shanks. I’m not quite sure how after such an elevenses.

I loathe the so-called Prime Minister. He’s dared to speak of the ‘great sacrifice’ of the British people. But you can only choose to make a sacrifice, can’t you? Everything he says is empty blather and contradicts the last thing he said. Not re-assuring at a such a time.

Enough of that. The Gay Mother is doing some Easter telephoning. I can hear her saying, ‘It’s very funny. We have to book our tickets for Church – as if we were going to the theatre.’

The greatest Resurrection has been achieved by Anthony Mottram of Prague but who has rather left Prague and spent three weeks in Egypt. The only boutique-hotel user left on the planet! How is it done? Trust Anthony Mottram to find a way. What’s more – this is so thrilling – in his room there was a treatment and the treatment was fully Covid-safe. You remember the eerie to-and-fro of the treatment in the hotel in Prague which was forever whisking in and out of Harry Rollo and Mercury Mr Kitten’s suite? One minute they were worthy of a treatment, the next not, and so on.

Really they should have been awarded a treatment to compensate for all their treatment suffering.

Anthony Mottram’s treatment stayed put, needless to say.


Anthony Mottram's Treatment

Anthony Mottram’s Treatment

The Gay Mother's Church Flowers for Easter - as Always

The Gay Mother’s Church Flowers for Easter – as Always


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