Thursday 11th March 2021

Have you noticed? They said that the vaccine is really a computer programme and that shortly we will all be re-booted. Poor Little Rich Gays will turn into people with ‘mates’ who chase ‘birds’ and play darts. We’ll be holidaying in Widmerpool.

Well, it’s not turned out quite like that. But those little calling cards they inscribe for you at the vaccine dispensaries…. such lovely handwriting… People photograph them and put them on social media. Robert Nevil’s an Astra Zeneca, so is Rufus Pitman. Sebastian Archer’s an Astra Zeneca, Merle Barr’s an Astra Zeneca, and me, Adrian Edge, I’m an Astra Zeneca. What about Moira McMatron and Beamish O’Halloran? They’re Astra Zenecas (early ones). Beamish’s daughter invented the vaccine. They got a Press Preview, possibly. Now Aunt Lavinia, Laura Malcolm and the Gay Mother – they’re Pfizers. Do they have a weeny beam of advantage? I think so. That ‘Pf’ and then the ‘z’ are so exotic. Even though Astra’s an Astra, the Astra Zenecas, I can’t help feeling, would be an excellent industrial family living in a suburban mansion perhaps built by the latest architect but the Pfizers go back generations, have several estates and aren’t double-barrelled. They’re a bit like those English families whose names begin with two lower case ffs. The ffynes, the ffiskes…

No matter.There’s not much to be done about it now. We are our vaccines and that’s it.

Posted Thursday, March 11, 2021 under Adrian Edge day by day.


  1. Laura Malcolm says:

    Yes I’ve always considered myself old money. I married down, though, Matt is an Astra Zeneca.

  2. So disappointing

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