Nearly a Matching Set – and Small Work

Sunday 24th January 2021

I thought I had a matching set (there have to be 3), almost as good as the toilet set I collected in Britain and America – Queen Victoria’s, seen at Osborne, Martin Luther King’s, on view in the Martin Luther King birth home, Atlanta, and Margaret Mitchell’s, which was featured in her re-constructed apartment, also in Atlanta. Val telephoned from Moscova, Hastings, before Christmas. ‘Have you shopped your Christmas needs?’ he enquired. It’s a new way with words. Really just the preposition has been eroded but ‘to shop an item’ is quite a different thing from ‘shopping for’ something, giving a crocodile snap of complete possession, the essence of shopping. Then Val telephoned again, not in the best of moods, and said he was going to ‘soup some carrots.’ A good addition but very soupy. There was a final new verb, provided by Laura Malcolm on Friday while we were in Brompton Cemetery, sitting amongst some crows, described by a passer-by as ‘charismatic’. But, misery, I’ve forgotten it. And so has Laura. Maybe in a sudden flash, it’ll come back.

So no matching set. Two isn’t a matching set.

Morbid anxiety engulfs me in between cooking mania. You’d think crowds were coming round. I can’t take in that nearly everyone in the world is plunged like this. It ought to be a comfort. But it isn’t. It just doesn’t seem real. Besides, some like it, maybe more than you might think, rather as people are said to like being in prison – no responsibilities, in a way taken care of. Laura said that Matt Driver is enjoying his little life, tucked up in his mansion. Mind you, if you’re a world-taste shaper, it might be different. Little life but huge outreach. I’m just it’s the same in Downing Street. They just don’t understand.

Last weekend I repaired some paint chips on the stairs. They’ve been Polyfilla-ed for years. Lumps of filler left, not even sanded. I had to tint some white eggshell so the touched-up areas wouldn’t show up glaring. I used burnt umber, yellow ocre and black in the tiniest amounts.

An Example of a Chip to be Repaired on the Stairs

An Example of a Chip to be Repaired on the Stairs

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