I’m Looking for an Opening

Friday 9th October 2020

I got the idea as we were coming back from Great Dixter last Saturday. I saw some likely-looking people in the street as we approached Robert Nevil’s. They were free, I was sure of it. Free of the normal restraints. Maybe if one were just to ask…. ‘Are there any openings for someone from a Landed Gentry background?’ I begged Robert Nevil. ‘Please roam your area and enquire.’ I hope he’s made progress by now. It would be better to operate some way from one’s own home. Although when I mentioned my scheme to Laura Malcolm she said, ‘You could go to prison. It would be a great source of material, like the Gilmore boy.’ ¬†We’re in prison anyway, so what’s the difference? I thought. Except there you would have no responsibilities, all worries would flee away and it would be cosy.

My idea was to begin with I’d set fire to some yuccas (because they’re awful) then progress to worse… But maybe in a gang there wouldn’t be much freedom of choice. ‘Jobs’ might already be lined up. It’ll be all about joining in, I expect. Not being in society would be such heaven it wouldn’t matter though. All I want is the sheer relief of being underground and lawless.

Posted Friday, October 9, 2020 under Adrian Edge day by day.

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