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Thursday 1st October 2020

In Deal, Royston King was much in confab with our hostess about the BBC. It seems that anybody that has ever worked for the BBC is traumatised. I’ve seen it again and again. Even at that party Royston gave 20 years ago (Royston very cleverly has only given one party in his life but the point is it was attended by household names from the TV screen, the Heads of all the BBC channels and the Head of another TV station whose car was throbbing at the door: I sat on a bench in the garden and discussed the Aitkens Diet with that person and one of the screen idols, who said, ‘Does it bung you up?’) but even at that party, they all cried that they had no life, only the BBC, the BBC had taken everything. The Head of BBC1 at that time – I can see her now, great but wracked with greatness, in Royston’s conservatory.

Royston also urged our hosts to marry and have a baby. He said they’d better get on with it  – as a way of getting the better of the BBC as much as anything else, perhaps.

Royston laughs a lot, in fact almost all the time, so you might take it for granted: ‘Matt Hancock says he’s going to eliminate a virus…’ Great roll of rich laughter, whole body rocking. ‘We know who lives in Burnley, don’t we? Oh yes, lock them up.’ Another roar. Strange that, after witnessing this for years, I’ve only just come to realise that the remarkable thing about Royston laughing is the incredible boom of complete and utter delight in whatever nonsense or foolishness has set him off. Not contempt or sneering, just pure pleasure.

I had an emergency call from Joshua Baring as an aggendum to my last contribution: Did I know about Nuno Mendez’s new restaurant there? Plus another new restaurant of significance, but I can’t remember the name.

The lesson of this is, when staying at a seaside place in a good house on the front, don’t assume there’s nothing behind.

You might miss Nuno Mendez’s new restaurant that way.

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