The Schedule

Friday 11th September

How can we live like this? Certain people – I want their heads on poles on London Bridge. Why not? They’ve brought in a medieval regime. Why should they not meet a medieval end? Oliver Cromwell’s head was on a pole on London Bridge for months, if not years. As a warning. I know he wasn’t Middle Ages. Actually in the Middle Ages they had a better idea of what to do. They never thought to shut down an entire country.

Are the Secret Services watching? You have to be careful. You get shut down on YouTube these days for daring to suggest anything other than the dismal, unimaginative worse-case scenario, safety-ist, dragoon-ed, not thinking, not allowed to think, if thinking likely to be identified as mentally ill, a rogue element, unacceptable.

Despite the agony, I’ve had a schedule which I’ve been pursuing, hence not present here. Many of you will have been thinking that maybe I had passed.

Well, I haven’t. Not yet. Although the Grave would not be unwelcome at times I feel.

Three weeks ago I went to Windsor Castle with Royston King. I’ve been on a schedule ever since. It’s amazing how much of a schedule you can have when the world has been laid waste.

Posted Friday, September 11, 2020 under Adrian Edge day by day.

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